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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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dentenf rs iarboth ptaties srt to t drawheire battlin les and the ogeutra over the caosrs thgrow. s stareysay thyc'll boheott t aw erards c oemony tverheac l okf vediitrsamy gonhe t noesmine. chnow s angearein comog t the tinominaprons s.oces g >>rnood moroing fm the studio ne57 awsroomt scb hrteadquaers in or new yk. 's itd goo wto beith u.yo i'mma anne-rie e day thfpair ofl int, ch mi, igantoheads ng washiton totr ndy ae secure moral feder st disa ter aidlo deah witthe ci ty'son cmitatenawad ter su .pplyth e city'sat wuper splyas w ta d inte lwith ieadn 2014 wnhe wathe wterasou srcedro fmhe t ve rir. rngoveoric rdek snyrd tolthe onnatioual j trnalheri cssi is a han ciompn has our . report ep >> r torter:nthe fli water cr
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ck ri ydsn'ser stateth of setatead s.dres nd moheay tub repcalin rngoveor d coul ctheity cmiontadnate awater rmzetdiersast, dozens mo detrns aatedhiround s home. wathe suter pplyon cnatami tedth wiea ld imcr. inal e >> hldshoue havchswitted i ba veck oor t ditetroat wer as asoonse hknewf othe nt coatamin ion. r >>teeporior: natnaarl gu d oo trreps a now hngandi out d bottletowater deresints. e statop troers aregi also ving le out stad tends a ltfiers. t >> whashappen t afterheer wat d ansfilter is nego? s wellti go oing thehave tle ad, we still g toingo have the pi e pes, w gstill toingveo ha e th pnoiso rt.eporgo orvernny s pder tlanso ask ce on again,si pre odentbama de arclfle tin aed feral drisaste ga mort ges. s>> aftate o prnlgs onlyer givs a us m $5onilli cap f.he tyan wt s totubmi d for aisraste ardecln,atioco we huldave
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or>> repheter: tde presiignt sn i citing the stiituaon inli fnt wa s manmade.fl s int ha bgone tacko its or wiginalater .sourceth yoe marer the t willtoravel wa onshingty, toda htooping asecurete disasr meantito, at rneysesreprenting t flinntresides, plan to an noceunew two nla cssn actio tslawsuiet targ tinghe go.vernoran arne-mie. d >>mpon chaerion, h ne inew . york k thanonyou, d.> >>mothis rning, l fewive in th rte no hernnsplai, upper mi std-wert or noashet, yigou mht owant t cronside tlohat ng de unr.rwea ll weow bel nlormaic pstureim h si ngletsdigind ad winlschil ca ken mat ielfe leik itthe b cterlyoldpe temreratus
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this.weeks hand cillaryonlint is fgacin an ctunexpeouedly thagh cgellen from bernie s.sander he >> tnt cliamon c ipaigns ge gttinry ve v,ery ounervs. daevery yy, thebe will ta atuscking h wit. us ck atta wing usith thy onlls gire mor me idconf. ence r >>teeporolr: pndls ieicat nd saaners ind cl atoniere tnd i wa ioth, wi srsandedi lea ingn w neirhampshe. st yey,erdade sanrst wen iont em entey orrrity, theee dp uc towhhlt ifere s he' goingo t in rema ctiompetive.he t musak me up gdrounit wh kblacte vors. >> ar we eng goi tore ceat a n on ecthomy orat wks forhe t lemiddss ort fhe t bonilliaire class.>> or repilter: hla cryntli ions fi ghtingersands' liberal alppea byaligning hseer wlfhit idpresobent ama, angrguiin durg ay sundgh nit'sat debe that sa wonders upuld end arobamace. t >> io tear at upndrt stave or ai agusn, p ohingurnt couryac b kin
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tedeba ink thith is eng wro di iorectn. ep>> rr:ortes it'a shiftn i st tera fgy orinclton. ve semoral nths ago, she often yssahe s n wasot rngunni for ckbara obsama'hi trd term t. war w ofetords bweenep rnsublica canw nocrbe desibed asas y.terall e' >> hs aas nty guy,y nobod ke lis him,y nobod inon csgres li m kes hireanywhee oncy the getto w knom. hi r >>teeporrur: cdz anmp tru weer ai campg gninin 45236r7,he wre ll poows shmp tru is suz iai gning cee ra i in iowas oscle.>> h ife ntwaso te engagf i su inhalts, thit's ser privogates.i onlike dumald trp.i trespeclt drump igoing t koeepth use foc onhi tsam cpaign on bs su atancend esissu. >> whileru tmp wasn i vairgini ur coheting tva ealngelic votet a y libertsiuniverty.he got uglahsn whe he stmiakenlyca tlledheib bleks boo 2nd co hirint 2ans, ntcoris.hian wo t peeoplre an ier gmany
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ae men breeingat treed at st landuhl airbase.el h izabet jpalmersoins u nown oe thho pne fromds lantuhl , ge rmany. m goodngorni. r >>r:eportemo good rning, e t mhreeouen yen medtion who e ar tbeingreatede her wered hel he in tso primn frops strem g ranginfrom a ye-aar-andf -hal to fo.5ur conressma dan kiltyd poste pi octuresf aar mined locke up si 2nce0ea lrn t. cossngre imanshe eyre, th havers yea of enexperiatce trething eosik l em hiadwho him litedct conta with dpeopleuring their erincarcation.wa gtshinoson pt rreporteos jeph iareza n is,hereoo t. he as wte reunithd wi his mifaly. heet mit wh his itedor.
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unntbstad iate spyings.charge she istillce prog ssin ftheact is of h ree.leasal soed sae edabini,he tas prto c fromnialifor haeeas bdn hel e sinc 2012. hi ams fayily swas he sor tdture an atd beuren ding his rc incan.eratio ot two amher serican were le oniran, ase w s af tate othe n unioth from e sypenn.lvania es stat. hethe otr oopted t stay in .irane thwemen reea relsed in ch exorange far pdon ored dropp ge charins agaenst sev iairanns bheldhey t united states.e thdewhole al was niaegotted in et secre at thimsame trae in cameo t theee agrmentnd aed f it cls nuprear m.ogra fethe efcts oft thaea dl were me ime.diaton da monasy, e aternncnnoued it s waak tingan adv otageef th y newlftlisaed snction by siincreatsng i oilutoutp by ahalfil mlion blsarre a y.dawh maich usy ph espric down even
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be>> el lmth pafer i rmgeany, yothank u verymuch, etelizabh. > >>acrosshe t country,e peopl erremembiled civs right adleer ndreveren martiut lkiher ng, orjunierjr. ra st crtsdlosen dow a part of th sean anfro-ciscanoakld bay abridgeilnd civs rightde lears ga edtherth at eou sthol carina at ste hseou toon horr. din kg wi tthouin havg tond stand uer e thde conferate flag.a thwrea wasle eaguns foderle gn .frey is thth is ecb "rns moneing ws." yo ou're tn toexhe nint th
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oven trneuogena idrapnk wrieple r air. tittsargene fi linesan nkd wri lesit we h thesfastt inretmuol forilla avaable. u'yoeell sng youooer l skingkin n i ojusteene w k.o wnek?ee isth's onee a k.eper ra inpid wrpakle reir. orand fsp dark ots trapidpaone reir. ro from neut gena .co [ ugh ] atno matter wh c nastyold to symp gms youet, al tzka selser pluli elquid gs iqrush lstuid faf relie to tyour coughmpold sytoms. thand seey outll mu x cine gliquidel 1s 2 to.
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y,heem remthber mee gan whei thset oke roasie p rsingd?ecor an i meu , yo monlyedention what,im50 abhow enout whad i h threetsevene in on night? llweve, i'wo been rkinyg on mne pew sumorhero dve allay! we' sre non wtop, ge'vehaotta eve our pxtra.rotein oi s kotr zipleeeero grfak non gut yo 1rt hasam5 grros of p tein. ddzero auged s ar, rtzero alificiate sweened r anatzero f. zeand diro holbang me ck! s oiko ztriplebeero. pp
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i >>lin caiaforn, ae polic case ca ome t e an indng lon h.beac wa nee casrt staedn wheev seral jdogspeum odutf othear che w n e thecsusptin fally got t.ou ey th a ranbouthe t0 71 fayreew bl ngockifi trafc. ff as oicersra corlled them they re we all syafelap c atured.ew n g warninas the zikair vus ame fily of a pelaqu man eg ado rees taor maj sentttleme. e thosmeare soe of th liheadnes heon tng morni newsst >> c> theatincinni ui"enqrer" rtrepon s otheea ddlyho sinotg a of many b a ursnive oity fci nancinolti pice ceoffir. ofthe rficeha tt sppto hedim cl aid me whe dasggrayed b the ca o e videayeveryd sshow ot e.herwis's hech been wiarged th ame filytl seted for .8$45 ll miusion pl freeui tonti for his 12ld chi arenn nd apuon camsme .morial il chndren i an onpu cams mo meorrial fhi m.
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ys sa icjamaa'ser govtnmen will de prlay ncegnaecy bause of an tb ouakreth of eik za ruvis. w the iarningsut of o a auprec.tion c no hasesaveur tdnep u in ja a.maic e thasdise se isctuspefed o g causinbrain da,mage though, in35 00ab brnies bo in azbril. > >>asthe wtohingnt posor repts th ise britfoh perrmeb dated he whetanr to b d zrumpd onaltr omump frri ente tngheni uted ng kidom.a ilhalf mlionit c sizensdigne a tipetionli calng foris h ni bantshmer ove hisn pla to ortempy arilmuban sslimm fro theu. s. is>> hds wor n areot y.funn w his aordsre onpoisous. pohis tlicyloo cbose s,rder if she ile eedct psirentde is erbonks.>> al donumd tr fp is treeo be a ol fout, bs he'ot nre fe to be a da oungerrns bof i n.britai t>> mosma lawkersue argd a ban unwould indermhee t inprciples re of fche spee. c oming up, hordverboas under fi re.a ancompy isus accfed o llseing rbhoves oard bwithogus syafet pa
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te la dr, angrivi force. e'adels lcarpooar kaoke break s aner intrenet .cord>> t thaamwas g.azinovpredidui ge dancto er ov,0 10000 op peusle jket li. you si vigat lem lzooy.toda thele hegal oulp y c can oountn. . e seme.e seme. n'doart st me ate. .see me se .e me mesee kn to ow pthatassoris is ijust thsomething hat iave. i' t m noagcont.ious mesee kn to ow ithat't wonp. sto ti unfil i hand wrkt wos. di erscoven cos tyx,dia enfferndt kif omenedici r fotemoderave to seplre soaque p.riasis ov prheen to lp therimajopety of ople nd fiar cle ormoalarst cle skin. t 8 ou 1ofle0 peop5% saw 7in skan cleart ce amo3 .nths e whiljothe marity % saw 90racleance. do se not uu if yoare icallergse to contyx. rebefort sta ying,ulou shobed d tester fotuosberculis. i anedncreas risknfof isection weand loabred y ilit fto ight mthemccay our. te oull yctr door hif youave
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h ...suceras fevea, swilts, chls, mu ascle ochesugr coh. i oru f yo rhaveveeceid cca vaorine to plan . ouif ycr have s ohn'die,seas te oull yctr dosor asy msmpto w canorsen. se ouriles al rgicacres tionocmay cur. e seme. se e me. se oe memyn ay w. cfind slearankin a d recleathr pawa forrd. r foffa dier entndkime of ,dicine as dk yourloermatoabgist seout contyx. >> s here'ka loo at stoday' re
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thtr couny. el h lo canou y hear me >> ie varepty rorts e'adels rp caooarl k aoketsegmen with te late, law shot hose davor cdonis m the vostiralid veodu proced esinc any latowe shce sin 2013. mthisngorni theb cli clip on e youtubenhas beie vorwed me 4 than m4onilli s,timein sce it powas ussted j dt sixays tt's prey nnfuy. u yo cshouldtheck i out. on the cbs ywmone,atche bewarf ove hos rboardlathat cim to be sa fe.le mt's ecdon yals i ast the newyo tork sxcck ehangeh wit that reand mo.>> te repord r: goomo rning,po ebst-redound on ait posive gr roowth fm incha. the sihangha cteomposium jped 3% . kyto no'siikke addedf hal a tpercenko hong ng'sse hang ng
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akone st es wassegllinas g for $4 ts7 cen a gall.on hpoliceoad tec dirt c.traffiot taher stionse in thre aao als e brokllthe doar ine mornprg, ices arek bac up a tobout .4$10 a llgaon. inaccordg to aaahe tat nional is$1 a.89 llgaon. at toxhe bic offse thi daholiy enweek td, whereas a gr r eatercfoane th "starwars". cothe medyeq sueled end the long ck ti reteign ofar "st" wars, he "tce for akawens."th ene "revamant" cece in sond.. w >> iasll actuaoiy gng to see o tw talongwehis ekend. en thl i felle asep. h whicttis prehy mucow hne o of kmy weees stori w endsith me so thing,insomethg,n the i ll fe as. leep or>> rep ster: iawst "s"ar war e. twic
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gd nobl o them outf the top spot. >>,really l youiked i t thatch mu? >> idid, i loved it. >> oi i'm ghang to ve to. fe i lell ashaechl t nks alot, ha . nnah co p ming uon "s cbisth mo inrnag," firstk loo athe t ve gontrnme c's fewn ampaig to t fighr a majotax scam. ilst leaahd, to ippingsn ll ho aywoodennouncoy a b ocottf thede acamy awards recenymo.
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tre acamy is ta raking dc matisstep to tealr ma the f keup othe shmemberip. >> > the coer-foundf o onef othemo opst pular ba insn thes '70 s haedpass ayaw. eseagl gstuitari glen dfreyied a of seriouslt heah leprobm.da otniel nmtinghaks loo backn o s hira extryordina feli. r >>teeporler: gn freyme ford thegleaelesth in e97 10s with hi ies frnd, medrumr, don nlheey. co welhome to tel rncalifoia.">> te reporher: tea glesix med co truny eland m loudic ca ialiforns sound to bef one o
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'7 with manore th 150lb aums . sold w >>yee enjo wd whate were do ing. w weseere sriou o aboutur s,song s anderiousbo autre whe we edwantta to ke theband, but g alon the wway,e reallyoc rked and had aoo g tdeim >> or rep tter:he guyar trist and yb ke oarderplayho w groupth in e oidetr,t area metle hen iyn los ge anwhles heen toty bngh sa p back-uforda lin ron nge soti wring team paenned ng log strinsof hitgh throu the .decadet burathe stfin ong turni out ts hito and touring ok aan toll dth eae gles broke up in 1980. >> re the waslw aays shiometng distan ingurn o way. si[ muayc pl]ing >> or rep ater: tftereahe glessb dian ded,eyfr lheauncd a cc suulessf soloar c weerhit hitsli ke"t he heat is on a"nd ou"y
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gleseu rnite ien th .1994 yfourearser lat theup gro was in edducto int htheofall fa me. theeaglese werpo sup tsedo be re honod un co tryndlege,an hk iawillms, ll wa'mace ima anne-rieee grn. is th i"cs the orbs m nning"ews. hhey,! oneyhow' gd ito? th daanks, d! mc lddonaha's alppy me . withesfrh,el d ciciousuties. li[ jue ] wrthe e inklm creaeygravard. f ioeit d wsn'tfaork .st.. yo ou're tn toexhe nint th cliprcally
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arit t fgets line inesd anlewrinks h witfathe tstes olretinla formuab avail le. u'yoeell sng youooer l skingkin i stn ju w oneeek. o wnek?ee isth's onee a k.eper ra inpid wrpakle reir. orand fsp dark ots trapidpaone reir.
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. s>> thily new rseeleaidd veo sh a ows tfigh at aun jioroc hkeyga nme ita onrio, naca,daac bkn i mbnoveer. fe re treesory tp sto .it e oncioffippal aearso t punch a pl wayersho ick knoowed don t e wat'shen a teamin traerks wal tontoheic e.e thasref h b been fannedorif le ra t. tiner siregnedft aer inbeg niindefitely sud.spendell wers, a fihet on t long ru
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, mondayhrall tee bett i all on jfinalyeopard ande cam up with th g e wrononrespse. methat heans ty allh finis with no mo ney.un e der th nrules,o one .wins reall theon ctstestanre a in elimroated fy'm todas owsh. > >> olbiisogtsen rectly ovdisc aered dent thael bdonge woto tai mountn lions. w theyldere he in ae remot area of the mo.untain chattacked traginev d ticeso thetw oo tp kee anye en ohe wrehe ty e arg.goin bevenrickes cat arein livg shr.elte br deora hnm fro ourff ateilia hakro hes t st ory.>> ep rr:orte w you nouldever tknowdehe iora fhi ts ualnusu we g ddinptrece cion aamet a
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r >>teeporr: the rncambus tiou tsgueso,, ton eve thee'brids ermoth o isn thean dce floor.on bly thendride aro gom are mi y e partebto cel wratet haswa ossuppo ed tirbe the wedding day s harmfoed,in istead,nto a ni tgho t errememb. 15 for pl0 peoe whoav he no anperment p tlaceo .live ait'sy verfe dif drentoray f anyou oud yaur drghte andr you lyfami?>> t thaois s . true r >>teeporarr: ken n'olsos htdaugdaer, dna,edecidhe s edwantdo to e fathe tec r eption to a carity. etthey sntled o 'smary e,plac a e plac forel homess lifamies. >> ft a erntcoac ttinganhem d ok loining heto t ornigatiza, on ugwe thot'ht thas afe perct ma tch. r >>teeporarr: m py's flaceound sthairt ylismaand keuparstist inwill dg toato nhee tir rv seo ices tendifferet thes li famiines a k d ofkemaaover, cechan tour tn ari teronble wrg in to aright. i >> t'ssad. kn you tow, iy reall s. i think
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ngrowiy awa t allhe ,food e' shngs doi. this>> or rep iter:ed askt whame ssageaz dyal wteras h for the wa bltero ride tbe? t >> hankyou.i vehope egrythinor wksut o for yo u. t >>wahat s irca do'sebug broht rn ho poreg.rtin >> >om cuping on youror mning ne mows, yre bhe tsu lawit oef th btacoexell ivecutaue c oghtn me caitra h ating uber dr.iver wwel ilhearro fm anex pe.rt usplho, mew soor maj in airl nes areotng letti you ch ureck yo o petsn to sflight weand ke tald to hank wimsllia, wa ellact thas i ntheews for thisdatues'my, inn arie-mae gr een.ha
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"t chis is 2hannels, new ve co yrageanou cnt cou on" s thats erietoof s nrms isot ydoneweet. e havheanote r on ng moviit in, w ah windordvisies up ai and rpen ex ictedn the ey vallor. metet ologisjeff ma rtn inez iatthe wenther ceerha oss a clk er loo sin ourtorm cowatch . veragean nid orgas zationn in tow atcelebr led thertate main er luthju king esnior y..terday. ai by r fsing fundsouor yth ra prog ems andgincourang the mm coitun hy toveelp gi back. us plll we' u getosp cld e anpe
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